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...a small, independent, global, collective of musicians, composers and producers who have come together to work with and support each other and our collective clients. With a multitude of experiences we collaborate on each others projects to provide abstract perspectives and drive each other to think outside of our own medium.

Broke & Strange has been a concept since 2004 and has grown ever since. We are based in London, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York with new members coming on board all the time which helps us keep a global perspective and a fresh view when we provide our input.

We exist to provide a creative and cultural workspace that allows the partners to work without anxiety or worry where we can support each other and our collective clients.


Broke And Strange Productions provides a safe creative and cultural workspace while being a method of focus and development in skills, interests, and life values.
“We must enjoy what we do without anxiety or worry, and we must provide support for ourselves, for each other and for our clients.”